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The Boy Genius Report (BGR) a blog founded by Jonathan S Geller was exposed yesterday as nothing but an immature blog with nothing constructive to offer. Geller apparently went on a twitter rant because he was not given the Blackberry Alpha Device.

To our knowledge Geller is not a developer but a mere blogger , so he shouldn’t be complaining for not getting a device. His rants really showed he is immature and he really needs to grow up. It was a total embarrassment for him . He thought he was gonna get support from his readers but they turned the table on him accusing him of nonobjective and biased reporting .

Of the more than 135 comments none sided with him. Even his fellow apple fanboys criticised him for his lack of ethical journalistic skills.

Greg Kelly had this to say.
I have been planning on unfollowing BGR on Twitter and Google Reader for a while now, but I finally did it. Not because BGR hates RIM, but because articles like this are embarrasing and amatuer. I’m sorry that RIM didn’t want to give you a Dev Alpha for you to rip on for the next 6 months. Can you really blame them? Stop acting like a 5 year old and focus on your business. Articles like this show your true colors and make people like me stop reading your site. Good bye for good.”

Michael Hayes · Tampa, Florida also added in.
“Congratulations on thoroughly embarrassing yourself today by acting like a 15 year old. With all RIM is doing and has shown with bringing devs and games to the Playbook and BB10, for you to spout off about them bringing huge businesses on board like Cisco and Salesforce is beyond shallow and stubborn. Immediately following those announcements they went right into all the new game partners. Good job.”

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No doubt blackberry is the most popular smartphone in South Africa


From a simple observation I’ve just made whilst riding a taxi in Johannesburg is out of the 16 people 7 will be using blackberries that’s like 44 % and the rest will be having a Nokia or Samsung feature phone … Thats astounding considering the smartphone penetration figures in SA. BB has taken it all …

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Is the apple iPad really worth it ?


A month after buying the apple iPad 2 I’m starting to wonder if it was really worth it ? Compared to the other tablets on the market the iPad comes really short . Then the question is what makes it the top tablet in the world ? I think the answer lies in the great marketing campaign done by Apple.

To begin with the iPad lacks connectivity , you are locked to what apple wants u to have not what you want to do. I believe I should have the option to do what I want to do with my property after all it’s mine I bought it ? Apples closed system is very boring and contains so many restrictions. This is where android is coming in slowly but surely becoz it’s offering an alternative that has all the features the iPad has and more. In the end the iPad will end up like the Mac pc that lost out to don’t have the consumers at heart , because they love to make profits even at the expense of slave labour in China .

Apples choice of its 30 pin connector is ridiculous … I mean who is still using that today ? Haven’t you heard of mini USB ? Then there is the lack of flash support, no hdmi connectivity, poor camera, the list goes on and on . The famed app store is full of crap apps . There is no angry birds or cuttherope games on the south African store. I can’t buy music on iTunes. so what’s the use for it . In fact I believe the blackberry playbook beats the iPad hands down if not for it’s lack of native email support. Apple has a reputation as being good starters but poor finishers . I stand to be corrected , but only time will tell.

Anyway thats just my opinion, but I am not liking what I bought and I’m regretting every cent I spent .

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