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I wish to raise my utter disgust at mtn’s so called 3G service. I’ve been using a blackberry since December 2010 on a top up contract and I’m really disappointed with the service. Most of the time I’m connected to an Edge signal and I can’t even access basic services like bbm, my emails always arrive late and the browser doesn’t open.

Even when its showing 3G signal its the same story. I’m really tired of this , so I’ve decided to change networks. I would appreciate if you guys could help me in selecting the network I can change to. If you have had similar experiences please leave a reply below. Happy networking ciao


No doubt blackberry is the most popular smartphone in South Africa


From a simple observation I’ve just made whilst riding a taxi in Johannesburg is out of the 16 people 7 will be using blackberries that’s like 44 % and the rest will be having a Nokia or Samsung feature phone … Thats astounding considering the smartphone penetration figures in SA. BB has taken it all …

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Why a blackberry is more popular in developing world than an iPhone


If you have been recently following technology news around the world you will certainly have heard that the blackberry is losing market share in the USA and gaining in the developing world . What could be the reason for this? The following is my opinion on this and why blackberry owners have decided not to sell the company to its rivals .


To be honest nothing connects you to the world like a blackberry. BIS is a revolutionary product from blackberry for only R59 a month you get to surf the net, read emails, watch YouTube and more . This is a great selling point for BB given our meager incomes in Africa.

2. BBM

This is another revolutionary product from BB that has allowed us to communicate beyond our wildest dreams . No more SMS bundles to buy . BBM is a market leader and no other messaging app comes close. I have since stopped using an SMS it’s all BBM thru and thru.

If you have any other reasons why you think BB is popular please leave your comment below …

Is the apple iPad really worth it ?


A month after buying the apple iPad 2 I’m starting to wonder if it was really worth it ? Compared to the other tablets on the market the iPad comes really short . Then the question is what makes it the top tablet in the world ? I think the answer lies in the great marketing campaign done by Apple.

To begin with the iPad lacks connectivity , you are locked to what apple wants u to have not what you want to do. I believe I should have the option to do what I want to do with my property after all it’s mine I bought it ? Apples closed system is very boring and contains so many restrictions. This is where android is coming in slowly but surely becoz it’s offering an alternative that has all the features the iPad has and more. In the end the iPad will end up like the Mac pc that lost out to don’t have the consumers at heart , because they love to make profits even at the expense of slave labour in China .

Apples choice of its 30 pin connector is ridiculous … I mean who is still using that today ? Haven’t you heard of mini USB ? Then there is the lack of flash support, no hdmi connectivity, poor camera, the list goes on and on . The famed app store is full of crap apps . There is no angry birds or cuttherope games on the south African store. I can’t buy music on iTunes. so what’s the use for it . In fact I believe the blackberry playbook beats the iPad hands down if not for it’s lack of native email support. Apple has a reputation as being good starters but poor finishers . I stand to be corrected , but only time will tell.

Anyway thats just my opinion, but I am not liking what I bought and I’m regretting every cent I spent .

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